नेपाली काँग्रेस सोलुखुम्बुका दुई नेता द्वारा स्वास्थ सामाग्री र खाद्यान्न बितरण | नेपाली काँगेस लिखुपिकेको सभापतीमा सुरज बस्नेत उप-सभापतीमा नारायण बहादुर बस्नेत र दुर्गाबहादुर बस्नेत निर्बाचित | लिखुपिके गाउँपालिकामा काँग्रेसको अधिबेशनको रौनक | लिखु जलविद्युत आयोजनाको सुरुङमा पुरिएर एक जनाको मृत्यु, दुई घाईते | हिमालयण प्रोजेक्टको सहयोगमा लिखुपिकेलाई बल्ल एम्बुलेन्स | साहस उर्जा कम्पनी लिमिटेडले जारी गरेको शेयरको नतिजा सार्वजनिक | लिखुपिके गाउँपालिका भित्रका सबै बिद्यालय भदौ २५ बाट खुल्ने | सोलुखुम्बुको लिखुपिके ३ मा रहेको ज्यालादेबीको मन्दिरमा पनि जनैपूर्णिमा मनाईयो | मद्दत नेपालको सहयोगमा तिङला स्वास्थ चौकीमा निशुल्क स्वास्थ्य शिबिर ,१ सय जना भन्दा माथिले लिए सेवा | मद्दत नेपालको सहयोगमा तिङलामा निशुल्क स्वास्थ शिबिर , १ सय जना भन्दा माथिले लिए सेवा |

Deepak Rokka

Hidden in the natural diversity, Pike peak is glaring at you from the Likhu Pike Rural Municipality, Solukhumbu, Nepal and welcoming you with a magnificent appearance from the eastern part of the country. Naturally-blessed pike peak is an idyllic spot for stargazing, viewing sunset and sunrise, familiarizing Sherpa culture and traditions. On top of that, Situating at 4067m from the sea level, It is one of the rarest view point from where you will have a fun with some exceptional and panoramic view of mountains in eastern and central Himalayan range along with Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Lhotse , Mt. Gauri Shanker, Mt. Annapurna and many more .If you want to adventurously fill your soul with solitude in dreamland, nowhere can be better option than Pike Peak. There are various route you may opt for such as (Phaplu, Junbesi, Taktor, PikeBhanjyang, Pike), (Manthali, Dhande, Khijiphalate, Pike) ,(Khurkot,Okhaldhunga,Dhap,Pike) and the shortest and less expensive route available is two days from kathmandu through Bamti Bhandar(Ramechhap district), Chaulakharka(Solukhumbu district)-,Goli ghumba which is one day trip by Tata sumo vehicle. After that, it nearly takes three to four hours to reach Pike peak by hiking through Lammane and Ngaur where you can find some hotels to stay as well.
The name Pike is derived from local Sherpa clan deity which represents the sky over the nature. According to hindu calender every 2nd day of shrawan month is the special fair day which is widely known as Range Mela in the vicinity of small temple of Goddess (Devi Than)at pike. On that auspicious day, people normally gather from Okhaldunga, Ramechhap and solukhumbu district for the blessing of god. Variety of foods made by Yak milk and potato like chhurpi,sergam, Rilduk,potato dal, potato pickle are served. It is likely that unique taste of mouth watering foods make you consign to oblivion from magnificent landscape for a while. When it comes to the history, The first submitter of Mount Everest Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hilary selected pikey peak to visualize mount Everest closely during the mission of Everest Expedition, due to which it is obvious that how spectacular travel destination it is.
I feel like English adjectives are likely to be insufficient to describe the natural beauty of that place. It is one of the tallest “Hills” in the solukhumbu region from where you can see snow-capped mountains, normand Sherpa villages, trails, rivers, water falls ,Greenery and scenery. Above that, you will definitely feel as if you are at above the mount Everest level due to which Pike peak has been one of the photographer’s paradise. Whatever route you choose, you will find monasteries and stupas. Prayers flags and Mane walls greet you everywhere . In addition to that, Your heart will be filled with happiness by the sound of bells hanging around the necks of Chauri and Yak. Smell of Sunpati, Rhododendron, Gobre salla, Thingre salla, Diyale salla,dhupi salla and various herbs such as kurni, Jatamasi,Sugandha unbelievably make you feel that you are hanging around to the undiscovered hilly nursery on earth. Going thorough blooming red and white rhododendron forests, orchids and Mongolia flowers, diverse floras, and fauna, unique landscapes, mind blowing uphill and downhills unbelievably makes your trip pleasurable and remarkable which will remain vividly in our lifetime.
“ Now Its your turn to indulge in to stunning hill “Pike Peak”


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